Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Collins White Circle Reprints Part VIII

I've discussed in three earlier posts (here, here and here) the reprints of the 1943 White Circles. This was the first year that Wm. Collins Sons & Co. Canada put illustrated covers on their White Circle paperback reprint line. When the books were reprinted Collins used the same design but recoloured the covers - something I've not seen since. The books listed below in bold have three different coloured covers, the rest two. 

55 Death Takes a Flat                   Burton, Miles
57 Policeman's Holiday                  Penny, Rupert
60 Six Feet of Dynamite                Gray, Berkeley
62 The Black Cripple                     Kerverne, Richard
63 Date With a Spy                       Maddock, Stephen
64 Danger Zone                            Walsh, J.M.
65 The Knife                                 Adams, Herbert
69 Vanishing Corpse                      Gilbert, Anthony
77 Rehearsal for Marriage               Grose, Helena
78 Wife in Uniform                         Gaye, Carol
79 The Commandos                      Arnold, Elliott
80 The Ridin' Fool                                  Curran, Tex
105 Mr. Mortimer Gets the Jitters     Gray, Berkeley
106 Wanted for Murder                        Holt, Henry
109 Spades at Midnight                  Maddock, Stephen
110 Belt of Suspicion                      Wakefield, H. Russell

Here's one of the titles with three printings. Each printing of Mr. Mortimer Gets the Jitters has a 1942 copyright date, the date the title was first published by Collins Canada. The second and third printings of the illustrated version are clearly noted. The first printing is 1943 but has only the copyright date. The first and third printings have a red edge stain, the second green.

White Circle 105 - 1943

White Circle 105 - 1943 back

White Circle 105 - 1944

White Circle 105 - 1944  back

White Circle 105 - 1945

White Circle 105 - 1945 back

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