Sunday, 10 August 2014

Canadian Collins White Circle Collecting

Long time readers of this blog know that one of the three significant early paperback publishers in Canada was Wm. Collins Sons & Co Canada Limited. They were the earliest, starting in 1942, and by any measure the best. The  imprint was White Circle Pocket Library and 459 books were published between 1942 and 1952. But, if you are a collector of these lovely early paperbacks, you'll need to find more that 459 books to complete the collection. How many? I don't know.

At least sixty-three of the books come in two or more variants. That can be another printing or different ads or different back cover or edge stain or anything else that distinguishes one version from another. The variant total is 143. The remaining 396 books exist in one version. So there are at least 539 books a collector needs to find. But I'm sure there are some variants of which I'm not aware. So if anyone would like to help make sure there is a complete count of the books let me know and I will send lists.

Meanwhile for your viewing pleasure.
White Circle "P" - 1942
White Circle 88 - 1944
White Circle 208 - 1944
White Circle 281 - 1946
White Circle 329 - 1947
White Circle CD 411 - 1949
White Circle CD 471 - 1950
White Circle C.D. 516 - 1951

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