Monday, 13 February 2012

Canadian Best-Seller Library Part V

In the last post in this series I listed all 46 titles published by McClelland & Stewart in their 1960s Canadian Best-Seller Library series. Here are the 15 fiction titles, a largely undistinguished lot. Two hockey novels, yet another Leacock anthology, and a mixed bag of historical and adventure titles. The only one I've read is Mordecai Richler's The Incomparable Atuk. The other two I might read are William Weintraub's first novel Why Rock the Boat? (1961) and another one from 1961 - Splash One Tiger. Although the blurb is not a help - "... the skilled and courageous pilot who lost his baby-fat in the Spitfires."

CBL 7 Richler, Mordecai           The Incomparable Atuk 1965
CBL 10 Creighton, Luella          High Bright Buggy Wheels 1965
CBL 12 Denison, Merrill            Klondike Mike 1965
CBL 15 Marika, Robert A          Stranger and Afraid 1966
CBL 17 MacMillan, Don             Rink Rat 1966
CBL 21 Macfarlane, Leslie         McGonigle scores! 1966
CBL 24 Young, Scott               The Flood 1967
CBL 25 Roy, Katherine             Lise 1967
CBL 27 Irwin, Grace                 Least of all Saints 1967
CBL 34 Ludwig, Jack                Confusions 1967
CBL 36 Childerhose, R. J.          Splash one tiger 1967
CBL 41 Leacock, Stephen         Laugh with Leacock: an anthology 1968
CBL 42 Creighton, Luella          Turn east, turn west 1968
CBL 43 Weintraub, William        Why Rock the Boat? 1968
CBL 45 Green, H. Gordon          A Time to Pass Over 1968

Canadian Best-Seller Library 36 - October 1967

Canadian Best-Seller Library 36 back

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