Sunday, 7 November 2010

Hard Case Crime Part VI

The November issue of Firsts The Book Collector's Magazine has a two page article plus a checklist on Hard Case Crime. The checklist gives an image of the cover, notes the artist and describes the publishing history of the book. I learned a couple of things. HCC reprints have either "First publication in _ years" or "Complete and Unabridged" on the cover. Apparently "Complete and Unabridged" means the book has been edited in some degree for the HCC edition. If few or no changes then the other description. Also learned that some of the books have been reprinted which makes sense but HCC doesn't give printing information in the book.

Here are two Hard Case Crime with McGinnis art.

HCC-035 September 2007

HCC-035 back

HCC-059 September 2009

HCC-059 back

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