Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Harlequin and White Circle Twins Part III

Recently I discussed one of two sets of twins for Harlequin Books and Export Publishing Enterprises. Before talking about a set for Harlequin and Wm. Collins Sons & Co, Canada I'd like to correct that post.

A kind correspondent (thanks Ken) has cleared up the mystery (at least for me) when Outlaw Deputy was first published. The answer is New York's Julian Messner in 1936 as Black Sheep as by Will F. Jenkins. It was first published under the new author name and title by Star Guidance, Inc. (New York, 1950) as Star Books 5.

Harlequin and Collins Canada had five sets of twins. The third one in this series of posts is Nurse's Aid by Lucy Agnes Hancock, first published by Macrae-Smith in 1943. The editions have the same text.

White Circle 295 - 1947

White Circle 295 back

Harlequin 356 - March 1956

Harlequin 356 back

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