Saturday, 18 June 2011

Harlequin Authors Part X

There were 255 authors (477 titles) published by Harlequin Books between 1949 and 1959; 186 of whom had but one title among the 477. Here are two.

The Harlequin edition of The Lady Lost Her Head (New York: Phoenix Press, 1950) by Manning Lee Stokes (1911 - 1976) is the only paperback and the last English edition of the book.

Jerrard Tickell's (1905 - 1966) Appointment with Venus was first published in 1951 by London's Hodder & Stoughton.

Harlequin 370 - October 1956

Harlequin 370 back

Harlequin 432 - July 1958

Harlequin 432 back


  1. The Lady Lost Her Head has such an odd cover, does it not? It's almost as if two illustrations were commissioned, neither of which satisfied. And that can't be victim and suspect in the corner, can it?

    That said, the back cover copy has me hooked. The story of a comic book company employee on the run through Manhattan, including the "dusky ateliers of Greenwich Village", sounds like good fun.

  2. The cover is unusual for Harlequin - I think one of the best. Not sure what is represented.

    The comic angle also caught by attention - although the name sounds like a movue studio.
    Likely to be one of the few Harlequins I'll read.

  3. I agree that it does sound like name of a movie studio. It also remind me of Manning's American publisher Phoenix Press: mythical creatures, New York addresses... and, of course, Phoenix and Sphinx are close to being anagrams.

  4. You're right. Can't be a coincidence.

    The other book is notable for the cover blurb -the oddest one I've seen in a while. Wonder what other "amusing" WWII escape stories the blurb writer was thinking about?