Friday, 22 April 2011

December 1950 Part I

Eric Hutton, the editor of the December 1950 issue of National Home Monthly from Winnipeg's Home Publishing Company, made an odd choice for the lead story in this Christmas issue. "The Black Book" by Austin Cross is subtitled "Canada's Blueprint for Survival". What we hope to survive is World War III. Art Worden has a lighter story to tell later in the issue - "Your Home in 1990". One quote will show how much Canada has changed in 60 years - "Functionalism has nothing to do with abstract art, cubism and the like. It simply means good old Scottish practicability."

Milton Cronenberg (father of film director David) lists six pocket books in his book column; none from a Canadian publisher. Two December 1950 books from Harlequin Books join the National Home Monthly.

Harlequin 88

Harlequin 88 back

Harlequin 89

Harlequin 89 back

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