Friday, 9 April 2010

Bantam Publications, Inc. of Los Angeles (LA Bantam) - Part IV

Here's the fourth and last post for LA Bantam - at least for this blog. I've decided to open a second blog that will continue and expand the Bantam story. There is much more to say and explore about this intriguing early American paperback publisher. It deserves separate treatment.

In this final post I'll list the remaining books and provide some more covers. Each of these books had an illustrated cover plus at least one version of the type-only cover as shown here.

24 Humorous Anecdotes and Funny Stories     Eleanor Packer (ed.)
25 Nobody Heard the Shot     Donald Barr Chidsey
26 The Blue Geranium and other Tuesday Club Murders     Agatha Christie
27 Danger Mansion     Philip Wylie
28 Strangers in Flight     Mignon G. Eberhart
A1 Red Threads      Rex Stout

LA Bantam 25

LA Bantam 26

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