Friday 30 April 2010

Contemporary Publishers

Men, Machines and Microbes by Dyson Carter was, as far as I know, the only mass market paperback from Winnipeg's Contemporary Publishers. They published pamphlets and hard covers but just this one paperback in 1942.

Carter was an engineer and for a time head of the Canadian Soviet Friendship Society. He wrote a number of books such as We Saw Communism that extolled life in the USSR as well as books on political, science and health issues and at least three novels. One of them (as “Warren Desmond”) was The Governor's Mistress from Export Publishing Enterprises Ltd. Note "the throbbing Falls of Niagara" - likely the only time that the Falls have been described as throbbing.

News Stand Library 22A - February 1950

News Stand Library 22A back

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  1. "How she became the conquerer of this great man's heart is a tale kept out of school-books." Yes, and biographies, reference books and academic papers.

    The "throbbing Falls of Niagara". Yikes!