Thursday, 6 May 2010

Export's Unnumbered and Missing Books

In an earlier post I described six books from Export Publishing Enterprises Ltd. that had duplicate numbers - News Stand Library 150, 151 and 152. Here are two books from Export with no numbers and four books that don't exist.

The four books that don't exist are 96, 97, 98 and 99 in Export's main Canadian NSL series. Eight books were published each month in September through November 1949 and January 1950, with Let out the Beast (95) the last book in January. The next book is Tomcat in Tights (100) dated March 1950, then Racket Boss (101) dated February. By April's Pick-up (102) the books are back on schedule with either four or five published each month. The last four books in January (92-95) were also published in the Export US Series (15A-18A).

The two books without numbers are The Door Between and The Governor's Mistress. They were also published with numbers 21A and 22A (both February 1950) respectively in the US Series. The only difference between the states of each book is the spine where the number and distributor code (KN) is missing. There is speculation that the unnumbered versions were to be two of the four missing numbers in the Canadian series. 

News Stand Library 95

News Stand Library 100

News Stand Library 101

News Stand Library 102

News Stand Library 21A

News Stand Library 22A

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