Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Export and Comic Books Part III

In addition to paperbacks Export Publishing Enterprises Ltd published over 40 comic titles. Here are a couple of recent buys. The Blazing West comic is in typical condition but The Kilroys is a rarity - an Export in close to mint condition. Both are reprints of American comics and undated but 1948-1951. How many issues of each title were published is unknown. The American Blazing West title lasted 20 issues and The Kilroys 54 issues.

Blazing West 12

The Kilroys 21


  1. I imagine Archie Publications Inc. would have been very interested in the red-headed, bow-tie wearing character. "P" in place of the Riverdale "R" doesn't provide too much distance.

  2. I hadn't seen the comparison but you're right. Even "Betty" is seen as the present.

    Wonder if the Archie folks cared and went after The Kilroys like Superman vs. Captain Marvel a decade earlier?