Friday, 23 April 2010

Naughty, Naughty

In 1943 Padell Book and Magazine Company of New York published From Dance Hall to White Slavery by John Dillon. It is a digest sized paperback that contains "ten dance hall tragedies." Mr. Dillon dedicates the book "to the little women of America, with abundant faith that the adult readers of this book may rise up and destroy the pitfalls that evil men have laid to ensnare your innocence." I can only hope the adult readers listened to the plea and acted. This is all to the good but then something naughty happened in Canada.

Around 1950 Toronto's Fireside Book Company published No Bed of Her Own by Leona S. Richard as Confession Stories Issue No. 101. Fireside obviously felt that Padell wouldn't mind sharing the cover from Dance Hall with Fireside and so a clothed version covers No Bed. Fireside published another Confession Stories which joins No Bed in this post.

Another offering from Padell, The Tragedies of the White Slaves by H. M. Lytle (nd), is also seen below.

Confession Stories 101

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