Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Canadian Paperbacks - Other Editions Part VI

A recent edition of Madame Bovary (New York: Viking, 2010), translated by well known author Lydia Davis, is receiving many favourable comments. Here is the New York Time's review.

There is an earlier Canadian edition that likely wasn't reviewed by Mr. Deacon of the Globe & Mail or the reviewer for the Toronto Telegram. This magazine sized edition was published by Fireside Publications Limited of Toronto in 1945.

The Viking edition is 342 pages including 30 pages of notes plus a 17 page introduction, further reading suggestions and a chronology of Flaubert's life. The Fireside edition is 32 pages with a quarter page note about Flaubert. The translator is not noted. However, unlike the Viking edition, it is illustrated. The Viking edition has 35 chapters, the Fireside seven.

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