Thursday, 20 May 2010

Harlequin Authors Part II

In part I I discussed James Hadley Chase who had 24 books published by Harlequin Books between 1949 and 1959, the most by any of the 254 Harlequin authors in that period. Here we'll look at 3 of 182 authors who had only one Harlequin book. All were published in 1951 and fall into the crime/thriller genre.

The first is Oakley Maxwell Hall (1920 - 2008) who wrote as O. M. Hall. Wanton City was first published in 1949 as Murder City (New York: Farrar Straus).

Harlequin 103

Harlequin 103 back

The next is Robert Leslie Bellem's (1902 -1968) The Window with the Sleeping Nude. Bellem was a prolific writer for the pulps. The original edition was published in 1950 by Quinn Publishing of Kingston, New York as Handi-Book 118. Sleeping Nude has just been reprinted by Pulpville Press.

Harlequin 106

Harlequin 106 back

John Creasey's Kill the Toff, originally published in 1950 (London: Evans), was the 23rd of over fifty novels with "Toff". Creasey (1908-1973) wrote hundreds of novels under his name and over 20 pseudonyms.

Harlequin 116

Harlequin 116 back

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