Thursday, 22 October 2009

Collins Other Early Paperback Imprint - North Star

In addition to their White Circle paperback imprint, Wm. Collins Canada published a much shorter-lived one in 1944. An article in the trade magazine Quill & Quire (June 1944, p. 27) announces the North Star series. Three books are discussed, When the Boys Come Home, We All Own Canada and Pictures of Canada, edited by Franklin Davey McDowell. As far as I can determine the third book was never published. We All Own Canada was reprinted in June 1944 and also issued in hardcover.

The publisher tells us that "North Star Books are important factual books by outstanding authorities revealing significant aspects of Canadian topical affairs." A full page ad in the April 29, 1944 [Toronto] Globe & Mail announced the new series. Collins' expectations were clearly not met and the imprint lived only a few months.

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