Friday, 19 March 2010

Export's Repeaters

Export Publishing Enterprises Ltd. has a well-earned reputation as the sloppiest publisher of the vintage paperback era. Export would be in the running for sloppiest Canadian publisher of all time.

Here's an example from the end of Export's life. The last book in Export's News Stand Library imprint was 157 - The Private Life of a Street Girl by James Clayford (Peggy Gaddis) in January 1951. The same month Export repeated three of the numbers in the NSL imprint - 150, 151 and 152. One each of 150 and 151 were dated November 1950, the other four January 1951.

As a bonus I've added the one time Wm. Collins Sons & Co. Canada Ltd. repeated a White Circle number. It also was at the end of the run which was C.D. 545X - The Devil Man by Edgar Wallace.

NSL 150 (November 1950)

NSL 150 (January 1951)

NSL 151 (November 1950)

NSL 151 (January 1951)

NSL 152 (January 1951)

NSL 152 (January 1951)

White Circle C.D. 527 (1951)

White Circle C.D 527 (1951)

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