Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Bantam Publications, Inc. of Los Angeles (LA Bantam) - Part III

Lots of American posts last few days. The Canadians will return. Continuing with the enigmatic LA Bantam.

One of the curious features of their books was the variety of colour combinations used on the covers. Other publishers of the era who had type-only covers stuck to a simple colour scheme keyed to the type of book. Albatross, Penguin and the Canadian White Circles for 1942 are examples. In contrast Bantam used nine (that I know about) colour combinations. The primary colour is dark blue or dark green. Combined with that can be any of five colours - light blue, light green, gray, tan and yellow. There is no obvious pattern - in the printing, type of book or number in the series. Many books had two different type-only covers.

Here are the next seven books:

17 Private Lives of Movie Stars     Eleanor Packer (ed.)
18 Love on the Run     Fred MacIsaac
19 The Tower of Flame and Jaragu of the Lost Islands     Rex Beach
20 The Story of Rabelais and Voltaire     Hendrik Willem van Loon
21 The Shadow and the Voice of Murder     Maxwell Grant
22 The Green Death and other stories     Brett Hutton
23 Tarzan in the Forbidden City     Edgar Rice Burroughs

Bantam 18

Bantam 19

Bantam 20

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