Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The British Health Publishers

The British Health Publishers of Toronto published at least two health digests in the mid 1940s. The company was one of many operated by our friends at Fireside Publications. We saw them in the post about The Popular Digest Publishing Company which published Popular Digest.

The digests were dated but not numbered. I have two copies of Sexology and one of Health and Hygiene. Sexology was 64 pages and Health and Hygiene was 96. Nearly all the authors are allegedly medical doctors.

The fascination (is that the right word?) with VD is striking; viz. "Recognizing Syphilitic Insanity", "Syphilis in the Child", "Life of a Gonorrhea Germ" "One in Ten Have Syphilis", and "V.D. - Public Enemy No. 1".

Sexology May 1946

Sexology May 1946 back

Sexology September

Health and Hygiene November 1946

Back to Health and Hygiene and September Sexology

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