Thursday, 3 June 2010

Collins White Circle Marketing

The May 1946 issue of Canadian Bookseller has an article on Wm. Collins Sons & Co. Canada Ltd's White Circle imprint which provides some insight into how paperbacks were marketed. The article notes that Collins "prefers to concentrate on individual titles. From time to time they publish specials which they nickname 'one shots'. ... White Circle has adopted this phrase in order that the distributors will be encouraged to place the special titles in every possible outlet. ... Distributors [plan] as many window displays as possible and arrange for truck banners promoting individual titles." The article gives an example for Kitty which was promoted when the movie was released.

Here is a photo from the article with a promotion for Congo Song. Kitty was published in 1944 but reprinted with a different cover in 1946 in order to tie in with the newly released film.

White Circle 210

White Circle 99 - 1944 printing

White Circle 99 - 1946 printing

White Circle 99 - 1946 printing back

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