Monday, 16 May 2011

Harlequin Authors - Part IX

Archie Joscelyn (1899-1986) had 16 of his novels reprinted by Harlequin Books, seven as Al Cody, four as Lynn Westland, one as Tex Holt and four under his real name. They were among the 74 westerns published by Harlequin between 1949 and 1959.

Joscelyn is fourth behind James Hadley Chase, Lucy Hancock and Edgar Wallace with number of books reprinted. Their total was 75, of a total of 477 titles.  Here are three of his books.

Harlequin 155

Harlequin 155 back

Harlequin 244

Harlequin 244 back

Harlequin 374

Harlequin 374 back

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  1. The second time in under three weeks that I've encountered Archie Joscelyn's name. Here is the first.

    And speaking of names: Narcissa, Erd Eklund, Emil Jacobson, Dolf Kinney... it looks like Joscelyn was having a bit of fun with Hostage.