Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Canadian Authors Part IV - Horace Brown

For an obscure Canadian author Horace Brown has had more than his share of posts. The latest is from The Dusty Bookcase discussing one of Mr Brown's books. In earlier posts here and here I mention two more of his books. The last of his books that I'm aware of was published in 1946 under a pseudonym by Five Star Mysteries, Inc. of New York. The book is a small digest.

The dedication provides a hint that the author was not American: "To Harry A. Newman K(ing's). C(ounsel)., the best landlord an author ever had."

Five Star Mystery 45

Five Star Mystery 45 back


  1. Ah-ha, I'd read that as "Leslie Allen" Brown had written a novel about Napoleon B. Smith. Who he, I thought. A search gave me this link, which only made it all seem so unlikely. Really? Brown wrote a novel about an obscure 19th-century American pioneer? I see now this is just another example of the information that swarms about the man... Brown, I mean.

    Another mystery solved... thanks, in part, to Squire Adams.

  2. The reason my father wrote that "Harry Newman was the best landlord an author ever had" was because very little money was coming in and Newman would let the monthly rent lapse until Dad sold something and was able to send him some. The house was in Dunbarton on Fairport Beach Road, and was the first house over the railroad tracks south of Highway 2 (before Hwy. 401 was built). Of course, now it is virtually unrecognizable as it was swallowed up many years ago by the Bay Ridges subdivision. I returned to the area a few years ago to try to find something recognizable, but no luck. It was a beautiful house on beautiful grounds, between two large farms; My parents planted a garden every year and grew enough vegetables to be canned by my mother and eaten during the winter months, thus saving a lot of money. It was a great place to grow up and I guess to Dad it was a great place to write.