Friday, 16 December 2011

Beaver Publications Part V

Canada's first mass market paperback publisher, Beaver Publications of Hamilton, is vexatious and I recently found a few bits of information that do indeed vex. 

The Hamilton Public Library has a copy of Modern Shorts with a handwritten notation on the title page beneath the name of the last author listed, Leslie Hamilton, that says "pseudonym of Henry Bolton". A check of Vernon's City of Hamilton Directory from the early forties tells us:
  • the only Henry Bolton listed is a salesman,
  • there is no listing for Beaver Publications, and
  • the only Leslie Hamilton listed is an employee of Robert Duncan & Co. who printed Modern Shorts.
Did a real Henry Bolton use the name of one of the printer's employees as a pseudonym? Is the notation in the book correct? Who was Henry Bolton?

The biography of Leslie Hamilton in Modern Shorts says very little but there is a picture of a very "authorial" man.


  1. He is my great-grandfather! He is indeed very real! Do you know more about him? I have answers to your questions!


    An newspaper article that confirms Leslie Bolton is the pseudonym of Henry Leslie Bolton.

    1. Thanks Allison for this very interesting information. I'd like to learn more so email me please -