Monday, 19 December 2011

Check the attic: Paperbacks turn golden Part I

I recently found a fascinating article from the September 19, 1981 edition of The Windsor Star called "Check the attic: Paperbacks turn golden". The article discusses "the last great collecting frontier - early Canadian paperbacks". Thirty years on, not surprisingly, the frontier has yet to be conquered. I'll discuss the article over a number of posts.

The author, Alan Abrams, has Paul Rollinson, a book dealer and Canadian paperback collector, from Midland Ontario as his expert voice. The article begins with two well known Canadian authors' early books from Export Publishing Enterprises Ltd. - Hugh Garner and Raymond Souster. The two books and pseudonyms are nearly correctly identified, Garner's Waste No Tears and Souster's The Winter of Time (A Winter of Time in the article). But the publisher and imprint names are wrong - Export Publishing Company and Newstand Library, instead of News Stand Library.

The next paragraph briefly talks about Export and Wm. Collins Sons & Co. Canada's White Circle imprint as collectible. Export's "lurid' covers and dust jackets are mentioned. Four of the smaller publishers are noted - "Derby, Crow Editions, Howard and Superior."

Continued in part II.

Here are examples of "Derby, Crow Editions, Howard and Superior".

Derby 8 - 1950

Crow 40 - January 1950

Howard Publications - 1944

Superior - nd

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