Thursday, 22 December 2011

Arrow Publishing Part V

The final three (for now) books from Toronto's Arrow Publishing.

The Murders in the Rue Morgue is a paperback original
Four Great Classics is a paperback original
Until They Do Not Breathe is a paperback original

All books are 128 pages.

Arrow 118 - February 1950

Arrow 118 back

Arrow 119 - February 1950

Arrow 119 back

Arrow 120 - February 1950

Arrow 120 back

inside covers of Arrow books


  1. I've been enjoying this series on Arrow Publishing. Such an odd house, it produced books that almost always seem like that could have come from Export. I think you're right to point out the similar ineptitude. And then we have Danny Halperin, my favourite News Stand Library author, who was also published with Arrow. Publishing is a small world, but there may be something significant here.

    Most of all, these posts have had me wondering how many Arrow authors were Canadian. There's Halperin and Kelley, of course, but what about N.C. Tubbs, H.J. Krier and Richard Caulfield?

  2. I know of one collector who is sure Arrow and a number of other publishers are affiliated with Export. But Arrow's books came out exactly when Export was publishing. Why a separate company? Export's other imprint, Torch, is clearly differentiated from News Stand Library but also noted as Export. For now a mystery.

    These authors are also a mystery. Like a number of Export authors I can find no other books by them. It is possible that they are renamed titles and authors of American books. There are a few like that from Export.