Monday, 12 December 2011

The Owners of Export Publishing Enterprises Part II

In part I I noted the three owner/managers of the late 40s/early 50s Toronto paperback publisher Export Publishing Enterprises Ltd and discussed the President. Here is the little bit I have found about the Vice-president, Frank R. Steele.

From Toronto City Directories:

1947 Power cable estimator - residence 202 Pacific Avenue,
1948 same,
1949 Vice-president, Export Publishing Enterprises - residence 202 Pacific Avenue,
1950 same,
1951 Vice-president, Export Publishing Enterprises - residence 126 Lakeshore Drive,
1952 no occupation - residence 126 Lakeshore Drive,
1953 Vice-president and sales manager, Periodical Publishers & Printers - residence 126 Lakeshore Drive,
1954 and 1955 no occupation but listings for "Harry M. Steele", who was an employee at Export, have Harry as an employee of "Frank R. Steele Publicity Service".

Steele's change in occupation from "power cable estimator" to publishing "executive" is the most interesting aspect of this biography and likely a first. How did he hook up with the other two owners?

His first residence, 202 Pacific Avenue, is walking distance from Export's first address at 3079 Dundas Street West and his second, 126 Lakeshore Drive, is a short drive from Export's second at 240 Birmingham Street. I can find nothing on "Periodical Publishers & Printers".

Here are three Export offerings from March 1949.

News Stand Library 30 - March 1949

News Stand Library 30 back

News Stand Library 31 - March 1949

New Stand Library 31 back

News Stand Library 32 - March 1949

News Stand Library 32 back


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