Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Collins White Circle Reprints Part II

In the first White Circle reprint post I reviewed books published through spring 1943 - up to 72. In this post I'll  look at books 74 to 79 - all published in fall 1943. Book 73 does not exist. An ad on page 26 of the May 1943 Quill & Quire has She Faded Into Air by Ethel Lina White as issue 73, one of a list of forthcoming spring titles. For unknown reasons it was published as issue 82.

75 - Barometer Rising by Hugh MacLennan - there are two variants with no priority. The front cover and text block are identical. Both have the 70 Bond Street, Toronto address. The first variant has red edges, ad on page 256 for seven “Mystery and Detective Novels” and black text on white on rear cover. The second has blue-green edges, ad on page 256 for three Canadian novels and black text on yellow on rear cover.

76 - Death and the Dancing Footman by Ngaio Marsh. There are two variants: blue-green edges with a white back cover and red edges with a yellow back cover. Otherwise covers and text block are identical. Quality of printing is better in first variant. Both have the 48 Pall Mall, London address. No priority.

77- Rehearsal for Marriage by Helena Grose - stated 1945 reprint.

78  Wife in Uniform by Carol Gaye - stated 1945 reprint.

79 - The Commandos by Elliott Arnold. - unstated reprint. The reprint is identified by the 70 Bond Street, Toronto address and an ad on page 192 with 1944 books. The cover below is the reprint. I don't have the first printing. There is an on-line listing that states the first printing has red edges and the second has blue. No other differences between the printings are noted. The copy I have has red edges but for the reasons stated above I believe it is the second printing.

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