Friday, 4 December 2009

Export and Peggy Gaddis Part I

Export published the work of 114 authors of full length books. This has to be qualified by noting that only known pseudonyms are accounted for. There were also three collections.

Export's most published author was Peggy Gaddis. Gaddis produced an amazing number of books under her name and pseudonyms over a thirty year career. Many were republished with up to three different titles. The link above is to an excellent site where most of this bibliographic nightmare is sorted out.

Export published thirteen of her books under her name and four pseudonyms. I'll present the first six here. NSL 17 was published in 1948, the rest in 1949. The only signed art is 17 - Sid Dyke. D. Rickard is the artist on 35.

NSL 17

NSL 22

NSL 24 ("Terry" s/b "Perry")

NSL 28

NSL 35

NSL 48

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