Friday, 4 December 2009

Export and Books in Print! Part I

Anyone familiar with Export Publishing Enterprises's books may be surprised that any they published are in print or may be in print. Export published 165 titles in two imprints, News Stand Library (NSL) and Torch, and it would be charitable to say that any more than a fraction are readable, never mind would remain in print. Even Google wouldn't want them.
But there are a few. The first two are early novels by two well known Canadian authors, Raymond Souster as Raymond Holmes and Hugh Garner as Jarvis Warwick. A small publisher, The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box of Shelburne, Ontario, published Souster's book The Winter of Time in 2006 and has Garner's Waste No Tears scheduled for 2010.

News Stand Library 85

The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box reprint

News Stand Library 116 and 27A

Export published two literary books, Hope of Heaven by John O'Hara and The Children by Howard Fast. Neither book is in print but both authors do have books in print and the Export books could join them.

News Stand Library 8

News Stand Library 18


  1. I'm curious about the Battered Silicon Dispatch Box Souster... sorry, Holmes. Given the small print runs, described on the company's web site as "100 to 200 of paperback and clothbound editions", I wonder whether these have been reset or simply scanned.

    I must say, it is an impressive list (if a bit unfocussed).

  2. The book has been reset. It is an attractive book. I read this edition and as I recall it had few typos.

    Notwithstanding the front cover, the CIP and Copyright is in Souster's real name.

  3. Given the low print-run and $20 price point, I'm impressed that the whole thing has been reset. Good on them for returning the book to print.

    The manipulation of the cover is curious. Either they had access to the original cover art or someone really knows his or her way around Illustrator.