Thursday, 19 November 2009

Export and Comic Books Part I

Export Publishing Enterprises Ltd., in addition to its two paperback imprints, News Stand Library (NSL) and Torch, published comics and magazines/pulps. In common with other Canadian paperback publishers in the mid 40s to early 50s Export looked for any way to make money at a time when American comics, pulps and some magazines were finding it difficult if not impossible to get into Canada (why? tale for another post). 

I know of nearly 30 short-lived Export comic titles that were reprints of American comics. But Export also published three original comics. One of the three even came in two variants.

There are two issues of Science Comics, the first dated March 1951, the second undated, and one issue of Captain Hobby Comics with a February [1951] date. Oddly there are two variants of Science Comics 1. The contents are identical but the front cover is slightly different as are the indicia. The indicia on the first variant below is overprinted on an ad on the back cover and on the inside front cover on the second variant. The inside covers are also different.

Captain Hobby Comics has short stories on stamp collecting, woodwork, magic, drawing and pinhole camera photography. Amazing how a comic on hobbies manages the nearly naked needs-to-be-rescued damsel on the cover. Captain Hobby looks to be enjoying his coin. Science Comics has articles on flying saucers, atomic energy, Thomas Edison, bats.

Export's offices and printing plant burned down on December, 11 1950 so these comics must have just been distributed. The last Export paperbacks are dated January 1951.

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